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Meet Saydah Maiga

Upon searching for jobs after my commencement date of college in May of 2012 with my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, I began to start actively seeking for my dream job. I went on numerous job interviews and received numerous job offers upon graduation but still nothing amounting to me doing what I wanted and loved to do which was to help people succeed. 

It was not until one day in 2015 that I discovered an immediate concern in my community. After waiting in a long and extensive career expo line for about 1 hour, I began to take notice of how the residents in my town were not properly groomed nor dressed for success.  People presented themselves with improper resume formatting, grammar and even showed a lack of professionalism. It wasn't until that day that I knew my calling and my passion was to help everyone in my community reach their highest potential by providing them with the knowledge and educational training on Business coaching for their long term career goals and success. Together as a team, we can all become great leaders of the world today!

Saydah's Career Planning Adventure, Inc. is a non-profit organization operated and organized exclusively for job development and community revitalization. We are here to challenge the minds of those getting prepared for the work world and enhance community wealth and growth by accessing innovative minds of our future entrepreneurs.